UX/UI & Graphic Design


Born in Taiwan, Grew up in South Africa, Finished High School in China. Now in New York. Yes I know It's Complicated.


Fun Facts

Lived in 3 continents
A certified workaholic
Wakes up at 6:00am
Obsessed with mythology
YouTube is my cable

Design to make a Difference

Man-Ping Wu is a digital creator from South Africa who currently resides in New York. She graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and minors in Creative Technology and Art History from The Fashion Institute of Technology. She likes going out of her comfort zone and challenging herself to explore new things. Her approach to design is inquiry based, asking questions that lead to creative solutions.

On the side she is an active reader, an amateur cook and a fitness enthusiast, by working at 7:30 in the morning. While multitasking, she loves listening to the latest Rihanna singles and facetiming her dogs back home in South Africa.